ASCE 7-05 Snow Loads P.E. Robbins, Inc.
Snow Loads for Hip and Gable Roofs ASCE 7-05 Calculators

Exposure Factor (Ce):   Table 7-2 ASCE 7-05 page 92
Thermal Factor (Ct):   Table 7-3 ASCE 7-05 page 93.
Importance Factor (I):   Table 7-4 ASCE 7-05 page 93
Ground Snow Load (pg):   psf
Horizontal Distance Eave to Ridge (W)   feet
Roof Surface type:   ASCE 7-05 Section 7.4 page 81 and 82
Enter Roof Slope:   /12
Roof Slope in degrees:
Balanced Loads    
Pf = 0.7(Ce)(Ct)(I)(pg)    
Flat Roof Snow Load Pf =   psf            Section 7.3 and 7.3.4 minimums page 81
Modifier =   Section 7.3.4 Minimum Values of Pf
Sloped-Roof Snow Loads (Ps):    
Roof Slope Factor (Cs):  
Ps =  psf 
Unbalanced Snow Loads    
Unbalanced Snow Load for W <= 20 =   psf    Rafter System Only!!!
Unbalanced Snow Load for All Other Roofs or Rafters > 20 ft.
Windward unbalanced load =   psf        
Leeward Drift unbalanced load =  psf  For   ft  from Ridge
Leeward unbalanced load = psf From  ft to  ft from Ridge